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Limping, dreadlocked and full of fleas Fox was caught in the end of February 2018 in minus 12 °C. Fox had been sleeping under trees and wandering around the streets of Hrušky in Břeclav region. Nobody had helped him until Petra from SOS kočky Hodonín informed us about his situation. People from Hrušky had tended to ward him off because he had growled at them. The reason why he had been growling was cleared up after X-ray examination – Fox had been terribly suffering from a few months old complicated shoulder bone fracture. In addition to the fracture, there are white spots to be seen on his X-ray pictures. These spots are small metal balls! One of them was pretty close to the fracture! Somebody had tried to shot Fox dead. A reward was offered to anyone who catches the shooter, but he or she was never found.

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Fox was then taken to Uherské Hradiště for further medical examination. New X-ray was done and the fracture looked so bad that the vet was surprised by Fox’s ability to walk in such condition. Shot bone was surrounded by strong and firm muscle. That was the organism’s way to heal itself.







Fox Kadera 20180314.0.mjpgFOX RTG 1Two months passed since the decision to not operate the leg until it gets painful. Then we opened Fox’s case again. It is a pleasure to see him happy when a person is talking to him. He is no longer afraid of people and he would like to cuddle soo much. but when it comes to his injured leg, everything changes. Fox freezes and begin to growl. There is no doubt that his psychological condition is much better. But about his physical condition we cannot say so. A little bullet was still placed near the fracture making Fox suffer in pain and making him unable to walk and run properly. Brno orthopaedic and surgical specialist MVDr. Snášil agreed on operating on Fox to help him get rid of the pain finally. He performed osteosynthesis which is not only financially demanding procedure.






DSC 0314 mContribution to Fox’s surgery was done also through Dogsie.cz customers’ purchases.  They helped to change Fox’s life once and forever so that he could painlessly run to meet his new permanent family!

After 2 months of rehabilitation Fox is saying Hi to everybody and he is looking forward to his dreamed-of loving family.

Thank you for helping us to help! Yours Dočasky.cz

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