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A desperate mother of a 4-month-old baby called us to help him. She found him lying on the road motionless. She wasn’t able to leave her sick baby and we were the only ones she managed to reach via call. We jumped in the car and arrived in 5 minutes.

IMG 20181002 171001 mHe was lying on blankets that the lady put under him. Older wirehaired dachshund crossbreed, suffering and resigned. Had he been hit by a car? Why hadn’t the driver helped him? When we tried to find out how widespread his injuries were, he fought against us with every ounce of his strengths. We put him in the car carefully, we contacted a vet and also tried to secure an alternative transport because people interested in adopting Verunka were waiting for us at the door. But it was obvious that there was no time to be wasted. On the way to the vet Simík was crying out of pain and once we arrived there, it began to buzz there like in a wasp nest. The vet examined him, took his temperature and did a blood test. Simík wasn’t able to stand on his back paws, he was hypothermic and dehydrated. His X-ray affirmed serious injury of his back paws. His knee ligaments are broken and his hip joint is out of its designated place. In addition (same as with Fox) there was a diabolo pellet found in his abdomen area. Sonography showed that both his kidneys were harmed by clash.

43015662 2228085714181839 2707101256555429888 nAre you also asking what happened to him? We don’t know yet. According to unverified information Simík belonged with an already deceased person. A friend of that person was supposed to take care of Simík, but Simík is said to be often seen wandering around and sorrowing in front of his former house. What we do know for sure is that somebody was shooting at him. And for the last 6 months it has been our third dog with a bullet in their body. Coincidence?

43029212 304009120187489 6220200379435450368 nWhat will we do about it? Simík stays hospitalized and because his injured leg is not life threatening, it will not be operated on until Simík gets stabilised. He is on strong painkillers. We gave him a chance to fight, docs are doing their best, now it is up to him.

If you want to support Simík, we will be grateful for any contribution to our public collection.

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