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We accepted 16 doggies from Vysočina cause. These doggies had been living in shocking conditions, in their own urine, excrements, in kennels and cages. They are covered with sores, bites and untreated irritations, their claws are overgrown, they have problems with walking and some of them are completely blind. We currently need your financial help to cover all the veterinary costs for dogs in Dočasky.cz care.  

foto 2 180201 124155 mosPlease contribute to this account 2601143882/2010 and help us to save these doggies.

Source of photo: State Veterinary Administration

Doggies are currently in need of veterinary examination and treatment. They will be ready for adoption in a few weeks, once all the treatments and procedures are over.foto 2 180201 124155 mos

We would be grateful for the following material assistance:

  • clean blankets, towels
  • EcoCid or Savo
  • washing powders/gels, fabric softeners
  • medical gloves
  • paper towels
  • mops
  • both puppy and adult Calibra and Brit dry food

Stuff to be sent to the address below:


Nová 931/59

Lanžhot, 691 51

If you want to visit us in person, give us a hand or bring some stuff, call +420 777 866 555.

Information about any progress will be shared on our Facebook.

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Dočasky.cz, z. s.


Nová 931/59, Lanžhot, 691 51
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Spolek Dočasky.cz je veden pod spisovou značkou L 17647/KSBR u Krajského soudu v Brně.

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