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People of Štibořice in Břeclav region requested our help on Monday noon. In the area of local vineyard Sklep Maryša there was a motionless white dog discovered lying on the ground. We tried to contact local municipal office to report the finding and to find out if there are any contractual relations between the municipality and a shelter where the dog could be placed. Because nobody was picking up the phone we arranged transportation of the animal ourselves and first medical examination was done at our place thanks to MVDR. Lída Machová. The dog is a microchipped white middle-sized poodle female and its age is estimated to 5 years or more (microchip is not registered). She has a limp on her front left paw, her fur was neglected and full of sucked and moving ticks.

32202765 10204250504538638 7270302763567808512 nShe is totally dehydrated, there is a severe irritation in her eyes and ears and her teeth are in desolate state. She is fragile and resigned. We cut her neglected fur, we removed all the ticks and applied antiparasitic treatment. Heart murmur discovered during examination may or may not relate to her acute condition. Sněženka is obviously used to manipulation and fur cutting. But she is completely exhausted and literally with no energy at all. She gets small doses of canned dietary meat, convalescent paste and liquids intravenously. She cannot stand on her own, she tends to sleep a lot and she has no reaction to noises. Eye drops are applied into her eyes. She needs to stay calm until Wednesday, then she’ll be taken to sonography and blood tests. We truly hope she will be strong enough to move on. Send her a thought so she won’t give up. If there is her owner somewhere – probably an elderly person – let him or her know that Sněženka is staying at our place. Number of microchip: 978000000369529. Thank you!



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